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We all have areas where we feel stuck. STAX Studio teaches a creative process that can help you get unstuck and have fun at the same time. Life doesn’t have to be this hard.


Join me for a 3-week introduction to the process, where we play around with words and mess around with paint. Absolutely no experience necessary! We are here to be curious, make mistakes, and shift our mindset.


We meet weekly on Zoom (email reminders to be sent each week) to find our words, using playful writing prompts to explore narratives around feeling both stuck and unstuck. We’re looking for a phrase, a quote, or a singular word to serve as a tap on the shoulder. Your own words are the most powerful - you can’t get this wrong!


Each week’s zoom is complemented by a short art video (sent via email), to view at your leisure. We use cardboard as our medium – a material in seemingly endless supply. Mess around, have fun – paint with your eyes shut if you want. It’s really that easy. We’re trying to get unstuck, remember?


We then bring our canvas to life by adding our words. The result is an original art piece to hang on your wall. A daily reminder, more personalized than any store-bought inspiration.


Join me to tap into the power of YOUR words and use them to create the story YOU want.


Get ready to have some fun!



In the at-home art videos, we tear down a cardboard box, paint it, and add our words to the canvases.  You will need:


  • Zoom Capabilities

  • Pen/pencil and paper for Zooms

  • Cardboard box (we use the side panels as canvases, so use that to judge size)

  • Box cutter (preferred) or scissors

  • Acrylic paints or house paints (3-5 colors)

  • Paintbrush and/or small roller

  • Stir stick or plastic knife

  • Cover for your work surface

  • Lettering tool: markers, alphabet stencils, letter stamp, or stickers

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